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PTA General Meeting Minutes October

~ Meeting Minutes ~

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by Kenna Heginbottom,

Ice Breaker

May 11, 2016 Minutes approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:

* Kenna presented Budget Update based on Budget report document.

* Noted there is $230 available for CIA (Caught in Action) awards for use by counselors.

Principals Report: Tim Berndt

* Explained the 5 tests students will take throughout school year.

* Discussed Highly Capable Program will change next year. No High Achievement classes next year. Gifted students will be challenged through higher math placement and “cluster grouped” in classes to work on different assignments given by the teacher.

* Staffing Updates: New Hires: Melissa Keevil (Science), Shannon Otey, (Math & Science), Kaylie Rainer, (Language Arts). Lindy Wells, Scheduling Secretary. Susan McMonigal covering ASB program.

* PBIS Program (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) going well. 3 Pillars are: Responsibility, Respect and Citizenship.

* Presented Afterschool Athletics, Clubs and Activities brochure.

* Updated everyone on Boundary Meetings taking place for Tacoma Middle Schools. Goal is to alleviate overcrowding and make enrollment numbers equitable. 2 Proposals were created and will be presented at a future meeting for a vote.

New Business:

Teacher Requests for Funds:

* David Bader and Kate Kuravackal requesting $99 for Day of the Dead Art Project

> Silvia McClung motioned to approve request as written. Seconded and Passed.

* Lisa Carlson, Counselor requesting funds for CIA (Caught in Action Awards). Funds for

3 Wild Waves Passes is already a PTA budget line item so she can go ahead and buy

passes and submit form for reimbursement without a PTA vote.

Tacoma Stars Fundraiser (sell tickets for soccer game)

* Jamie Hoffman from Tacoma Stars attended meeting. Gave details on possible fundraiser.

* PTA needs to raise $2000 this school year and this is one way to raise money.

* Group rate per ticket-$11, sell to students for $16, so $5 profit per ticket.

* Allow students & families to sit in same section, Meeker name on reader board, a group of

Students scrimmage during halftime as well as band and choir to perform.

* Use order form (sent home via email) to order/pay for tickets. Spreadsheet to track sales.

* Will call for tickets to be picked up right before the game

* Discussed option of partnering with Norpoint Soccer club or other NE Tacoma schools if want

to generate more ticket sales.

* Jamie agreed to a 150 ticket minimum and we agreed on game date of Friday February 24th

* Agreed to a one-week time frame for us to make final decision to participate in fundraiser.

Extra Curricular Activities

* Kenna discussed current issues of WA State PTA (WSPTA) lobby focus.

* WSPTA Legislative Assembly event in Olympia on 10/22/16.

Committee/Chair Updates

* Reflections Program information. Karen Judish is the chairperson this year. She was unable to attend meeting so Kenna presented.

* Theme: What is your Story? Deadline to submit entries is November 3, 2016

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