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General Membership Meeting Minutes January 18, 2017

General Membership Meeting
January 18, 2017 @ 6:30pm
Meeker Library

~ Meeting Minutes ~

Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm by Kenna Heginbottom. Quorum met via text votes

October 19, 2016 Minutes approved as written. Motion: Drea Martino

• Tacoma Stars Fundraiser: Feb. 24th @730pm. Tim Berndt has sent out order form on weekly report.
• Is PayPal an option? Check with Jen Jones-Murphy to see if PayPal is working.
• Need to set date for Tacoma Stars Assembly. Mr. Kjack will check with Tim Berndt, Principal.
• Decided will distribute tickets Will Call night of actual event. February 24th.
• Discussed email option as a way to give confirmation that tickets were paid for. Kenna will keep a spreadsheet to track ticket sales.
• Need to schedule some collection days before school to collect ticket money.
• Reflection Award Winners:
• Paige Chrisman—Film won an Award of Excellence and is moving to the state competition.
• Sophia Judish—Honorable Mention award

Approval (Vote) for new Treasurer: Julie Blackson
• Silvia McClung moved to vote in our new Treasurer: Julie Blackson. Seconded. Passed.
 Tim Berndt, Gretchen Lynch and Mandy Ramboyan—yes via text vote.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Some additional spirit wear money has come in.
• A few late PTA Memberships. Checks were misplaced but are now found and accounted for.

Principals Report: by Patrick Kjack, Vice Principal for Tim Berndt, Principal.
• Meeker boys soccer team headed to Championship game against Mason on Friday Jan. 27, 2017
• Discussed Battle of the Books program through the Library.
• Meeker doing winter clothing drive in February 2017: Specifics will be coming soon.
• Geography Bee in Social Studies classes scheduled for Friday Jan. 20, 2017
• Fall Student Led Conferences went well.
• Update on Meal Kit Project for Band Program: 113 meal kits created and delivered to Peace Community Center.
• Christmas gifts were given to 5 Meeker families in coordination with New Day Church.
• MLK Assembly was a success. Mr. Roberts spoke with a powerful message of unity and treating everyone with respect. Band & Choir performed song, “Glory” by Common.

New Business:
1) Vote needed: Want to move $2000 from PTA Reserve Fund to Teacher Request for Funds line item in PTA
Budget. This would allow approval of some recent Funds Requests from Teachers.
 MOTION: Silvia McClung moved to approve “Moving $2000 from PTA Reserve Fund into
 Teacher Request for Funds line item for 2016 -2017 budget. Seconded and Passed. Tim Berndt, and Christina Coleman, yes via text vote.

2) PBIS Funding Request. Karen McKenna and PBIS Committee request for Funds of $800
 MOTION: Darla Craig moved that “we give $800 to PBIS Committee for fund request.
 Discussion: unsure if PBIS Committee will need these funds every year.
 Seconded. Passed. Tim Berndt, yes via text vote.
 Patrick Kjack explained PBIS Program. Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. Based on 3
Pillars: Responsibility, Respect, and Citizenship. Stamp system created to be spent at Wolverine Warehouse biweekly. See Handout (attached) Intervention for Student Behavior for details.

3) Vote: Request for Funds: $697.10 for Librarian, Sally McHugh for Maker Space Kits for students to use in
library during lunchtime.
 MOTION: Drea Martino moved to “give Sally McHugh $700 for Maker Space Kits for Library.
Seconded. Passed. Christina Coleman, yes via text vote.

4) Vote: Request for Funds: $685-$800 by Lisa Carlson, Counselor, for Caught in Action (CIA) Awards.
 Currently have line item in PTA Budget for $230 for CIA Awards-3 Wild Waves passes.
 Extra funds requested would be for college accessories to be given out in monthly drawings.
 MOTION: Silvia McClung moved to “give $570 to Lisa Carlson, counselor, for additional CIA
awards. Seconded. Passed. Christina Coleman and Gretchen Lynch, yes via text vote.
 Therefore, this $570 fund request approval in addition to the $230 already in the budget would
bring the total to $800 given to Lisa Carlson for CIA Awards during 2016-17 school year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 PM

Next General Membership meeting March 15, 2017 @ 6:30PM

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