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Meeting Minutes

PTSA General Meeting Minutes for 6/06/19


Minutes for Meeker Middle School PTSA General Membership Meeting, June 6th, 2019 – MMS Library

Board members present: 

Cassi Kancianich, President
-Sydney England, Vice President
-Jennifer Seaholm, Treasurer
-Louann de Leon, Secretary
-Call to Order – 7:05 pm
 Approval of meeting minutes from May 9th’sPTA General Membership Meeting (1st Ranee Clapp, 2nd Sydney England) – All approved
-Principle’s Report – given by Patrick Kjack
 Will be doing some housecleaning of some of the storage areas
 Meeker Garden is a huge success!  Received help from local Boy Scouts. Now have four Master Gardeners.  Gravel is down, bencheswill go in next.  Eagle Scout will be making a shed as his project.
 Year book is amazing and a big improvement from last year’s.
 Advisory will be every day next year – 10 minute session after 1st period.
 Enrollment this year was 677, will go up by approximately 20 next year. 
-Treasurer’s Report
 Review of end of 2018-2019 year budget as of June 6th
 Review of proposed budget for 2019-2020
o Added a budget line for concessions
o Membership dues are not going up in price
o Raised the amount in employer matching– recommend advertising this along with the Amazon smile, during our membership drive during Wolverine Days
o Athletic Spirit Wear will be taken over by ASB next year (removed from PTSA budget)
o Uniforms will be updated with the new design next year (changes every 2 years), therefore anticipate an increase in uniform sales
o Increased budget for enrichment activities – family activities, parties
o Need to rename line item:  change “Stamps for Service” to “Wolverine Warehouse”
o The actual Fundraiser event for the Fundraiser line item is unknown – TBD, Fundraiser chair
o Currently budget reflects a deficit -$2,250, which will have to be adjusted at the yearend close-out after June 30th
o Increased amount under Golden Acorn/Apple
o Drea Martino makes motion to approve proposed budget for 2019/2020, Jewel Ocariz seconds, all approved
 Impact Teen Drivers – next year planning on integrating it into 8th grade health classes or an assembly
New Business
 Request for funds for general vote – ASB requests funds in the amount of $440 to purchase the surplus Wolverine Wear in the office (28 sweatshirts at $15 each & 4 T-shirts at $5 each), which will be used for students in need & emergency clothing; Ranee makes a motion to approve the request for funds, Drea Martino seconds the motion, all approved
 2019-2020 Nominations and Voting of Offices
o Executive Board
 The following individuals were nominated and voted for the respective positions within the Meeker PTSA Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year:
 For President – Cassi Kancianich
 For Vice President – Sydney England
 For Treasurer – Jen Seaholm
 For Secretary – Louann de Leon
o Committee Chairs (vote not required)
 The following individuals are nominated for and have agreed to be Chairs of the respective committees within the Meeker PTSA for the 2019-2020 school year:
 For Hospitality Chair – Jewel Ocariz
 For Reflections Chair – Karen Judish
 For PR Specialist – Drea Martino
 For Fundraiser Chair – Debbie Brown
 The following committees can receive open nominations from the floor at this time:  Membership, Spirit Wear, Concessions, Financial Review, AAA, 8th Grade Graduation, Golden Apple & Acorn, Nominations, & Enrichment
 Will PTSA be assisting with the TWCI parties (one party at the end of every quarter) – either volunteering, helping with payment or both?  
o PTSA can assist with providing volunteers for back-up support
 Recommend next year when doing “Pass the Hat” fundraiser, tie the event to a more specific thing that the money will be raised for so the donors know what their donations will help purchase
 Link up w/Lindy Wells for planning Wolverine Days – meeting should be around the beginning of August; Mr. Kjack will invite Michelle Fladepo (Puget Sound Printing) to attend
 PTSA will meet with Mr. Kjack & Meeker Staff representative to conduct a planning session for the next school year to initiate laying out events
Adjourn Meeting  8:21pm
Next General Membership Meeting – September, 2019, 7pm

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