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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for Meeker PTSA General Meeting on 9/12/19


Minutes for Meeker Middle School PTSA General Membership Meeting, September 12th, 2019 – MMS Library

Board members present: 

Cassi Kancianich, President
-Sydney England, Vice President
-Jennifer Seaholm, Treasurer
-Louann de Leon, Secretary
12 paid PTSA members present (10 required for a quorum) = Quorum reached
-Call to Order – 7:07 pm
 Approval of meeting minutes from June 6th, 2019’s PTA General Membership Meeting (1stRanee Clapp, 2nd Cassi Kancianich) – All approved
-Principle’s Report – given by Patrick Kjack
 Meeker Garden Ribbon Cutting ceremony today
 A few new staff members & teachers this year
-Treasurer’s Report
 Findings of 2018-19 Financial Review
 Non-sufficient funds (NSF) letters will be sent out this year in an attempt to receive compensation
 Need 3 volunteers to conduct a mid-year financial review (to be conducted after winter break)
 July / August 2019 Treasurer’s Reports – Debbie Brown motions to approve, Sydney England seconds, all approved.
 Changing of check signers
o  Cassi Kancianich makes a motion to remove Cassandra Kancianich as an official check signer at Umpqua Bank for the Meeker Middle School PTSA.  Cassi Kancianich makes further motion to add Sydney England as an official check signer at Umpqua Bank for the Meeker Middle School PTSA.
o Ranee Clapp seconds the motion, all approved
 FY2019 Budget Report – changes:
o Cassi makes a motion to remove line items Athletic Spirit Wear and Music Spirit Wear from the PTSA budget, Debbie Brown seconds, all approved
o Cassi Kancianich makes a motion to add a line item entitled “Wolverine Warehouse” in the amount of $2,000 to support staff requests for funds, Sydney England seconds the motion, all approved
o Will be making adjustments to Category E (8th Grade Events), but we don’t have the numbers yet
President’s Business
 Approval of 2019-2020 Standing Rules 
o Jodi Cotrill recommends changing the verbiage in #21. To doing the review annually instead of twice yearly
o Discussion on adding something about online accounts & passwords access – discussion tabled until the next meeting
 Thanks to Jewel Ocariz, Ms. Montequin, DreaMartino for all of their hard work on the Meeker Garden
-New business
 Would love to have volunteers to help out during late start Wednesday mornings in Room 200 before school for homework/tutoring
 Back to school Block Party (in conjunction with Back to School Night) tentatively on Thursday, September 26th (currently in conflict with the same event going on at Brown’s Point) – more to follow 
o Tickets for taco plates 
 Meeker wear winner – Calvin Hill
 Candle winner – Monica Green
 Starbucks card winner – Micah Long
Adjourn Meeting  7:57pm
Next General Membership Meeting – September, 2019, 7pm

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