General Membership Meeting Minutes January 18, 2017

General Membership Meeting January 18, 2017 @ 6:30pm Meeker Library ~ Meeting Minutes ~ Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm by Kenna Heginbottom. Quorum met via text votes October 19, 2016 Minutes approved as written. Motion: Drea Martino Updates: • Tacoma Stars Fundraiser: Feb. 24th @730pm. Tim Berndt has sent out order form on […]


Tuesday, March 21st 6:30 – 8:30 PM Meeker Middle School Commons 4402 Nassau Ave NE, Tacoma 98422 Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? SCREENAGERS reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and also offers solutions on how adults can empower their kids to best navigate […]

PTA General Meeting Minutes October

~ Meeting Minutes ~ Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by Kenna Heginbottom, Ice Breaker May 11, 2016 Minutes approved as written. Treasurer’s Report: * Kenna presented Budget Update based on Budget report document. * Noted there is $230 available for CIA (Caught in Action) awards for use by counselors. Principals Report: Tim Berndt […]

Legislative Agenda issues for 2016-2018

Five Issues Selected for Lobbying by WSPTA for the Legislative Platform 2016-2018 1. Social Emotional Learning The Washington State PTA shall initiate and/or support legislation or policies that: Integrate social emotional learning and trauma informed practices in the education system, teacher and principal preparation programs and professional learning ensure adequate staffing of psychologists, counselors, social […]